Why choose Djagora University?

Djagora University is a renowned University located in Senegal but the question that arises is that Why should you choose Djagora University? Hence the answer to this common question is as follows:

  1. Outstanding Faculty:Djagora University enables your access to top-class faculty. The University has employed very renowned scholars and expert professors for the betterment of its students and due to this it allows them to convey high quality education and knowledge to students. On the other hand, their knowledge and capability aids them to provide the best quality education to the students.
  1. Conducive Environment for the students:Djagora University offers an ambient atmosphere for students. The University is a place of many foreign students and a great number of students get enrolled in this university. It provides a motivational atmosphere for students which allow each of them to achieve their ambition and to reach the highest points of their academics.
  1. The opportunity to adopt for any field: Djagora University makes it available for every student to select a number of courses in different fields. It also allows a student and gives him an ample amount of freedom to select any program you want to pursue. Additionally, the university provides number of full-time and part-time courses to students.
  1. Chance for internships and employments:Djagora University has a very good reputation globally. It is one of the most well-known University in the entire Africa. It crows of great alumni which aids new students and new undergraduates to acquire internships and part-time jobs to make some money.
  1. Great dwelling experience:University life is one of the most unforgettable times of an individual’s life. Throughout University life you experience great times and Djagora University offers a friendly and motivational environment for students who choose to live in Djagora University’s dormitories. During the University life students experience some magnificent things. It offers them opportunity to make new friends and understand new culture.
  1. Best dormitories in the nation:Harvard housing is among the best in the west-coast of Africa. Residing inside the university is much cheaper than dwelling off-campus. Another benefit to live inside the university is that you save travelling time and expenses.
  1. Modernized Technology Equipment:Djagora University boasts a great background. It comprises of all the modernized equipment and technology that assists students in their learning. Classes also provide a state of art technology generating the perfect experience that is only offered by a few other universities in the world. This enables you to have get the best experience.
  1. Great career opportunities:Djagora University is internationally famous and students from the entire world come there to pursue their higher education. It has reputation in the whole world and people admire your skills and aptitude once you step ahead in professional world. Graduates from Djagora are positioned in well-known companies and top positions are awarded to them.
  1. Variety: Djagora University has a variety which terms as that it consists of many opportunities and chances to get exposed to many opinions and ways of life that you might have never experienced before. Students here experience many kinds of new people and individuals from a diverse cultural background.

Djagora University Reaches Out To the World

Founded in 2015, Djagora University aims at supporting the global economic health through education. Djagora is an African name for shepherd, because, we believe that every individual is a shepherd of their own life.We believe that individuals are, and should be educated to create values for themselves, their family, their community, the environment they live in, and their country.

Djagora University (DjU) is an independent higher education institution, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Senegal.

Djagora is committed to serving a diverse society by creating a learning community made up of individuals representing a rich mixture of identities, experiences and beliefs, including different genders, ages, racial-ethnic backgrounds, languages, economic strata, religious beliefs and practices, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities, national and geographical origins and locations, political beliefs and values.

According to our President, Dr.Mahamouda Salouhou, Today’s world is different – It presents unique challenges that graduating students must be ready to accept and face the realities. Before students graduate, they are given exposure to humanistic values to drive positive social change within the society. Our distinguished faculty from around the world truly deliver wealth of knowledge and expertise, which is much required in today’s competitive arena.

Our approach towards leadership stems from Leadership Diamond, which links the deep insights of philosophy with immediate, bottom-line business issues to break through “stuck points” and do better business. For instance, ethics being a core part of the Diamond refers to the importance of people and integrity. It means caring about people; being sensitive and of service to them; and behaving in accordance with moral principles.

We also have a strong global presence with our own facilities in Africa, Europe, and USA, online certificate programs with ongoing interaction of scholars and students at work with colleagues from around the globe. I encourage you to explore our online offerings. Even more, I hope you will visit campus to see first-hand the fascinating and remarkable place that is Djagora.

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